Rising White Mortality Guarantees White Identity

Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of White Adults, Study Finds
Mortality has been rising since the turn of this century for an even broader swath of white adults, starting at age 25, the researchers found, driven by troubles in a hard-hit working class. Death rates for white non-Hispanics with a high-school education or less now exceed those of blacks overall, the pair said—and they’re 30% higher for whites age 50 to 54 than for blacks overall of that age.
The left and cuckservative right will blame globalization and automation. Both are factors. But the gap with Europe is screaming mass immigration. Although Europe is very similar to the United States ideologically, it does not have the same demographics. Resources that would have gone to poor white Americans are being redirected to an ever growing population of foreigners, plus minorities who have been here long before 1965. There's not enough money to go around anymore.

Since conservatives oppose identity politics on principle and also because they favor small government, their people are being wiped out. There is no point in having a small government philosophy if the result is someone else raises your taxes and takes your money. Ron Paul was attacked unfairly for using earmarks, but he was entirely correct in saying if this is how the game is played, I must play by the rules.

White identity politics is coming because it's the only way those numbers have a chance of going down. Money has to be redirected towards white communities and that's racist. Even if a cuckservative were to completely ignore race and say their communities are hurting, they will be turned into a white nationalist by the Cathedral.
“For many Americans, America is starting to fail as a country,” said James Smith, chair in labor markets and demographic research at the Rand Corp., who wasn’t involved in the paper and said he was struck that mortality rates are rising for young working-class adults. “The bad things that are going on in America do not appear to be going on in Western European countries, and that’s a big deal.”


Refugee Aid Agencies Paid By The Head, Budgets Busted By Trump

If you run a charity and the number of people in need suddenly plummets, you are flush with cash. But that's not the case with refugee agencies because they're not charities, they are arms of the federal government. NGOs are paid by the government, by the head.

Many "community" programs and agencies function like the refugee resettlement agencies. More people sign up, the organization grows in size. Fewer people sign up and it immediately shrinks for lack of funding. It also highlights, once again, why cuck is such an appropriate term of derision for right-wingers who oppose gutting federal funding to NGOs. These groups do not operate like charities, they operate like McDonald's. Except instead of selling hamburgers, the are selling poverty, hunger, refugees, drug addiction... Their business models require a growth in dysfunction and destruction.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire refugee contractors begin cutback too
Refugee resettlement agencies receive funding based on the number of people they anticipate resettling, so the uncertainty around President Trump’s travel ban has serious fiscal consequences.

“It means that we have not filled a number of positions that were open in all three of our offices in the resettlement area,” he said. “It also means that we may have to make further reductions. We’re going to make those decisions in the next few weeks.”

Ascentria Care Alliance, a resettlement agency based in Worcester and operating in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, announced Monday that as a result of Trump’s travel ban it had laid off or reduced hours for 14 employees.

Before he left office, President Obama capped the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. during the current fiscal year at 110,000. Resettlement agencies engineered their budgets through September based on those projections.

President Trump cut that cap on refugees to 50,000. That’s an action within the powers of the executive.
Ascentria Care Alliance is dedicated to destroying local communities in Massachusetts, driving up crime rates and welfare usage, all while acting as if they are morally superior, getting paid for it all with taxpayer money. They were really excited in September, as were all the other refugee resettlement agencies across America, because Hillary Clinton would continue Obama's refugee policy. Big money was coming! And now these agencies are going to collapse in size.

The Left is very fragile once you cut off their funding. They have not built institutions to last, they have built institutions based on Ponzi economics: increasing customers are required to keep the business running. Or continued government financing. They do not have independent sources of financing in many cases. Those that do, such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, can fund themselves with private money. The rest will all collapse unless the big foundations step in to finance them. That in turn puts a strain on Soros, the Ford Foundation and the rest, because they have limited funds. They can't issue Treasury bonds and sell them to the Federal Reserve for an "endless" supply of money. Instead of expanding, they will be forced to deploy resources simply to hold the ground they have. They will be on the defensive.

President Trump: If the streets aren't filled with the wailing of unemployed leftists, you're doing it wrong.

NYC Is An International City

Boost in Ridership Leaves New York’s Penn Station Platforms Packed
In 2016, average weekday boardings at Penn Station numbered 94,859 people, up from 92,314 in 2015 and 87,130 in 2014, according to Nancy Snyder, a NJ Transit spokeswoman. Each weekday, about 57,000 NJ Transit customers use Penn Station platforms between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., according to Nancy Snyder.

Compounding the frustration: Several sets of closed stairwells connecting the platforms with the concourse are gated shut, not yet ready to open. On many mornings, platforms are so crowded that commuters line up inside the trains, waiting to step out.
Gas prices are falling, not rising over this period. What did increase was the number of Asians (including Indians and Pakistanis) who don't mind being packed like sardines. In a free market, the people who are willing to pay the highest price, which in this case is to tolerate discomfort and crowding, determine the "market price." The NYC subway system is being assimilated. Add in the high cost (in time and money) of regulations that slow new construction, and you have a nightmare for white people.




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